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Merry Christmas!

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My blog wins an award?! and Christmas gift ideas!

Woah! Regular font hurts my eyes. Or is it my handwriting does? Instead of running around the malls every year to go Christmas shopping you might find some cool stuff to buy online. Three websites which I go to every year for Christmas gift ideas are WritingFish.com, Fredflare.com (which sells similar things as WritingFish. Girls outnumber the guys in my family any given holiday), and Time Magazine's Best Inventions of the year page.

Gifts that are environmentally friendly and socially conscious are cool too.

I narrowed down a couple of gift ideas for my family even though we all decided a gift exchange this year would be better:

for the brainiac: Antworks was an invention of the year a couple of years ago and is now cheaper! This small scope helps you locate constellations on a clear day.

for those that like toys: the Flytech Dragonfly costs $50.00 and can be bought at major retailers too.

for the golf addict: $25.00 golf range thingy

for the gardener(s) in your family: I bought my aunts one of these for Christmas before but this food recycler which turns leftovers to soil for the garden might work too.

for fear of germs: my aunt always has antibacterial wipes with her, so I thought that this soap might bring a smile to her face. That or the iStraw.

for your other aunt who likes to bake and sing When You Were Young: hostess apron

for the cat lover: I think Borders is the only store that I will set foot in this Christmas.

for the cousin of mine who's first job is a librarian: Librarian pin.

for those with an iPod: Solio is a solar charger for your iPod/iPhone. Can be found at target.com or cheaper on ebay.

for those that want to learn how to play music: The folding piano was one of Time Magazine's best inventions in 2005, and now its available cheaper at Target.com for $59.99! This year they chose the Tiger Electronics Electric Guitar which costs $70.00

for those in the market for a new car: $99.00 will get you a reservation for the new smart car which was featured in Nintendo Wii commercials. Daimler expects big demand. I have seen a few on the streets already and while they may get 40MPG, I don't know how safe it would be to drive one. Its pretty peppy though and they should it market it like this.

for the movie buff: Xbox 360 HDDVD players at Toys R Us stores are now $129. Both Harry Potter and Blade Runner are in high definition in huge box sets but my favorite is still the Planet Earth documentary.

My sister tells me she still likes Tokidoki.

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About iDorkas

I came up with the name “iDorkas” primarily because all of the usernames have already been taken and because I get a kick out of it. Its actually two names- “i” for the overused iPod monicker and “Dorkas”, derived from an old Sega game called Virtual On. I am of course, a dork. The first time I surfed the net was on my Uncle's 286 IBM compatible PC with a monochrome monitor. He told me that the internet would be big one day but I didn't believe him! Now I'm into blogging and starting this new one here with digital ink! I primarily blog about videogames but occasionally dwell upon the happenings of life. This blog is only possible because of the hard work of two very innovative people who have made ink blogging possible: Ed Holloway, and Mark “Sumocat” Sumimoto. Thank you to the both of them!